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Executive Coaching

Some people tick all the boxes. They have intelligence, education, skill and experience. Their colleagues enjoy working with them and their teams are happy high performers. They are successful at work and in their personal lives.

Other people may be similarly smart, skilled and experienced, but they lack the skills for building good relationships and leading others effectively. They’re difficult to work with or work for: some always need to have the last word, others don’t listen, or are given to outbursts of anger.

Sometimes the flaws are quirky eccentricities that lend character; sometimes they’re annoying habits that others learn to tolerate. People who exhibit them seldom have any idea of the negative impact they have on others until irritation and frustrations blow up into major crises. Then careers become derailed and relationships disintegrate.

When interpersonal behaviours are holding people back from success, personal coaching is a powerful and cost effective intervention. When you change behaviour, you change lives.

Starting point

Many sources of feedback can be the starting point for a coaching intervention.

  • 360 leadership surveys 
  • Performance appraisal data
  • Data from the business; employee turnover figures, disciplinary incidents, culture surveys, client feedback
  • Interviews with coworkers carried out by a coach 
  • The coach’s own experience of the client’s interpersonal behaviour



Clients are senior people with the IQ, education and skill to be highly successful. Due to poor interpersonal and relationship skills, they are not as successful as expected in their current positions, and their future progress is threatened.

Management support

A client’s manager plays a vital role in the client’s development. Specifically he or she is responsible for:

  • identifying the client as a candidate for coaching 
  • approval of the sources of feedback on the client’s behaviour, including people involved in 360 assessments or interviews
  • approval of the client’s goals and the coaching plan
  • providing ongoing positive acknowledgement and critical feedback where necessary
  • holding the client to account for a change in behaviour by applying rewards or sanctions on completion of the coaching process.


Coaching process

  • Once a client has been identified as a candidate for coaching, feedback from a number of sources is gathered and considered by coach and client.
  • A starting goal is agreed and the client’s commitment tested.
  • The goal is approved by the client’s manager.
  • Coach and client identify and agree on the behaviours likely to give most leverage toward the goal.
  • The six factors that influence behaviour change are used to create a plan that fits best with the client’s preferences, work and lifestyle. This approach to changing behaviour virtually guarantees that it will change...and stay changed.
  • The client works to the plan with input from the coach.
  • The client reviews his or her progress regularly with his or her manager.
  • Coaching is considered complete when a positive assessment is made of the client’s progress toward the goal.
  • A follow up process is agreed to ensure the changed behaviour is reinforced for at least six months after completion of the coaching process.


  • Maureen’s direct approach was refreshing and very helpful in limiting my attempts to avoid difficult conversations. She enabled me to get the most benefit in the shortest time and avoided the pitfall of giving advice, rather letting me unravel my thoughts and find my own solutions to my personal challenges. Well worth the time and effort! Consultant Financial Services
  • Maureen is a talented coach and facilitator who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into her relationships. Dealing with her is an enriching experience and well worth the investment in oneself. HR Executive, Mining industry 
  • I appreciate Maureen’s style and insights; her incisive and perceptive way of understanding and relating to people. I learn from her how to ask questions, what questions to ask and how to read between the lines. CEO Consulting organisation
  • Maureen is one of the most professional business partners I have worked with. She is always calm and considered. Her training courses are perfectly pitched, full of inspirational tips and lots of fun. I love her gentle approach, her quick grasp of situations and her ability to draw even the most recalcitrant delegates into her workshops. Marketing Manager, Services
  • Maureen is a rare find, an expert in her field who truly makes an impact in business. Her positive and upbeat nature are part of her ability to influence the way people perceive themselves and their effect on others. Head of Resourcing, Banking sector



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