Client feedback

I thought Straight talk would do three things for my team. It would help us communicate more openly and more efficiently; it would show us how to have more robust conversations on difficult topics, and it would enable us to take our game to the next level. In fact, it did much more than that. I saw people speaking up in ways they have not done before; and we started conversations about the congruency between values and behaviour. I’m sure we will gain a great deal from our use of Straight Talk.
The staff member with whom I had a Straight Talk discussion decided to withdraw her resignation. She was actually crying for help. I used Straight Talk and it took five minutes. She opened up to me right away. The atmosphere at the depot has improved a lot.
I was made aware of how to build sustainable positive relationships using different tools. I wish I had attended this workshop a long time ago.
I will rethink how I deal with my team in order to get the best out of them for everyone’s benefit.
The course taught me how difficult words can be used positively depending on how they are used and in what context. The skills are almost essential for HR people as well as when hiring and disciplining employees.
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