Straight Talk Tips

You’ve probably all had the experience of the manager who storms into your office to tell you, often in no uncertain terms, what’s gone wrong and how he, or she, wants you to fix it. Without discussion or negotiation, you are instructed what to do, how it must be done, and by when. When he, or she, has gone, you may sit wondering why this is a problem at all, or smiling because you have already fixed it, or already deciding that the solution you have been given won’t work. Even if the proposed solution is workable, your commitment to…
When it’s safe to talk you can talk about almost anything. Your office door is open. But how many people come to you with new ideas or critical feedback? Does anyone use you as a sounding board? People only feel safe to speak up when they feel you are truly listening to them, when you acknowledge what they say, and when they believe that you have their best interests at heart. When they don’t feel safe, you seldom get to know.
If you want results you have to learn to talk to people! Sometimes the only way out is through. You’re stuck. People are missing deadlines. Relationships are strained. Projects are delayed. When you’re not getting the results you want, it’s likely there’s a difficult conversation you’re not having. The best results come from open, honest conversations that say it like it is without damaging relationships. If you would like to receive straight talk tips on a monthly basis, email us!
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