Straight Talk Tips

There’s a hint of year end in the air and life seems to be even more frenetic and stressful than it has been since the start. You need every minute you can find to do what you absolutely must do, but somehow it’s eaten up by the needs and demands of others.It’s time to revisit the fine art of saying no. Think of all the people to whom you wish you could say it.
At one time or another we all face conversations that are problematic, sensitive and difficult. Some have the potential to be disastrous for relationships or career limiting at work. They all have one thing in common. You want to avoid them. Conversations like this can be with toxic colleagues, controlling parents, disagreeable in-laws and difficult employees.
There are some clear signals that tell you it’s time for a reset. Listen out for these phrases. We keep talking about this but nothing changes. What’s the point of talking? You always do it your way!  Things change for a while, but then it’s back to the same old… Every time we discuss this, we end up arguing.
They are inefficient and costly. They go on forever. They lack form or process. The wrong people attend. Many of those who do, use the time to catch up with text messages and e-mail, or indulge in a liking for the sound of their own voices. At any time, one third of the people in a meeting do not care about what is being discussed; one third did, but have lost interest; and the rest seem unable to come to any agreement about anything. When the meeting is finally declared over, usually because the participants have to get to the next…
Conversations about performance or behaviour have many starting points but all have an underlying emotional tone. I’m frustrated: you keep getting this wrong. I’m disappointed: you’re capable of so much better. I was embarrassed by the way you spoke to me.