Straight Talk Tips

When you have healthy personal boundaries you don’t tolerate abuse or disrespect: you’re not afraid to say no, and you don’t take on problems that belong to other people. You know who you are and you treat yourself and others with respect.
While the technology with which we communicate is allowing us to do so both more quickly and more widely, our communication is becoming increasingly ineffective. Good communication is not:  having three mobile phones in your bag and talking on two at once watching TV while you hold an important conversation with your spouse or partner typing an SMS at lightning speed when really you should be speaking to the person directly spilling details of your personal life onto social network sites in the belief that you are developing real friendships.
It’s quite easy to tell whether you’ve learned to speak up or not. Here are some of the symptoms. You have a toxic boss. He or she may be a micro-manager, looking over your shoulder every minute of the day; or one who is generous with criticism but never gives you any positive feedback; or expects you to be on call 24/7, ruining your evenings and weekends. Speaking up could be career limiting. There are people working for you whose performance is way below what you expect and need from them. You’ve spoken to them often but nothing has changed.…
The Out of Office Reply said ‘I am in back-to-back meetings this week so I may not be able to reply to your mail immediately’. When did you ever get a message that said ‘Sorry I can’t reply to you immediately…I’m thinking’?
It’s the time of year when people are anticipating their performance  bonuses - and managers are dreading the difficult conversations they can expect to have with those who are going to receive rather less than they were hoping for.