Straight Talk Tips

The mantra used to be work smarter not harder. Now it’s do more with less. Most of us are working longer and harder, certainly if the amount of electronic traffic we generate is a measure. We’ve used attrition, retrenchment and reengineering to make sure we have fewer people on the ground. We’ve a wider range of products and our client bases are more extensive.
Two sets of alarming statistics were released recently.Unemployment has risen to record levels, especially amongst young people. One of the reasons seems to be that companies are reluctant to employ young people because if they do not make the grade, it can be difficult to fire them without falling foul of labour relations legislation.
It’s irritating when someone puts your call on hold to take one from someone else. It’s frustrating when you have to compete with TV, FB and e-mail for the attention of your friends and family. It’s offensive when friends at the dinner table send and receive calls and text messages: and it’s ridiculous when holding a meeting means having as many iPads around the table as people. We suffer techno-stress when we can’t find an ATM for quick cash, or can’t write a sentence without a computer keyboard. Techno-panic sets in when we can’t access voice or e-mail messages every…
Many companies have toxic environments that are created by a small number of people, but which cause distress for many. Use the indicators below to assess your own workplace.
Bullying in schools seems to have reached epidemic proportions. In the business world where we often refer to it as harassment or toxic behaviour, it is just as common.Bullies come in many varieties: some have easily triggered temper tantrums; others take over meetings and conversations with arrogant self-righteousness; there are micromanaging control freaks who like to deliver their criticism in public; and charming manipulative schemers who stop at nothing to achieve their own goals. Internet bullying comes as accusing and blaming e-mails that are copied to the whole building.