Thursday, 05 November 2015 15:34

Don't say what you think

Freedom of speech has long been a most dearly held value that I’m starting to rethink.

I would not question one’s right to freedom of thought and opinion but whether that extends to the right to randomly communicate those opinions is another matter.

Talk radio only rarely contains anything that is thoughtful, informed or informative. Conversations which participants merely use to rearrange their prejudices is deadly entertainment.

The right to think and communicate freely should surely carry responsibility for making sure that one collects facts to support one’s opinion and assembles those facts into a coherent viewpoint. Accepting that your opinion is not the same as an empirical fact, no matter how strongly you hold it, should surely be part of that responsibility.

In a world that faces so many issues where right and wrong, good and bad, come in endless shades of grey, the least you can do is make the effort to assemble information, analyse situations, develop logical viewpoints and share them with others in a way that encourages open dialogue. Anything less merely adds to the disinformation and at worst increases confusion and polarization.

The old adage comes to mind. Think before you speak.

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