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Corporate Survival

Corporate survival used to rest on a set of clearly defined competencies. If you had a modicum of technical ability in your chosen field, you knew how to take instructions and you learned how to plan, organise, lead and control after a fashion, you could be fairly sure of lifetime employment.

The landscape has changed. It’s now the new world of work and demands a new set of survival skills. In it, education and technical competence do little more than gain you entry. There are many others who know what you know and in any case what any of you know will soon be out of date. Survival depends on your ability to adapt and learn.

You will need strong analytical skills to process the mass of available information, to form and test assumptions, evaluate alternatives and plan a way forward. You must be able to add imagination to your analyses and find creative solutions to unfamiliar, challenging, urgent problems.

Good communication skills; oral, written and electronic are vital. You will need the skill to step outside your own beliefs, prejudices and preconceived ideas and listen to what others have to say even when their beliefs, prejudices and preconceived ideas are poles apart from your own.

If you become a leader you will work in multi-disciplinary teams, diverse in terms of knowledge and skill, gender, age and culture. Your survival will depend on your influencing skills, which have little if anything to do with your authority and a lot to do with your authenticity and the care and respect you show for others.
If the order seems too tall, remember what happened to the dinosaurs…

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