Thursday, 25 June 2015 11:42

The power to influence

The most successful people have the ability to create change in their own behaviour and to influence others to change theirs. 

We exert influence constantly, sometimes knowingly, willingly and deliberately. At other times people may follow your lead without your even being aware that they have noticed you. 

Your behaviour can reflect a model of personal values such as respectfulness, consideration and generosity: or it can convey aggression and self- centeredness. In every meeting you attend and speak up with an opinion, or withhold one, you model behaviour. Every leadership decision and every time you step back to consider the viewpoints of others or confront poor performance, sends a message about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. So does every toxic outburst of emotional drama. 

The amount of personal influence you exert depends on your role, position, and personal power. It’s one of the most valuable assets you can possess and it’s an awesome responsibility. Use it wisely.

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