Wednesday, 25 June 2014 10:02

EDI’s … Are you guilty?

I learned a new TLA recently; EDI, Electronic Displays of Insensitivity.

In recent research by the Vitalsmarts group, 90% of people agreed you should not answer text messages or check social media in public. But over 60% of them reported that they experience EDIs frequently in meetings, at the dinner table and in customer service interactions.

Meetings cannot be effective when people are distracted and disengaged, surreptitiously multitasking with their smart phones. Information that is shared is not properly considered or understood. Afterwards people may even claim it was not presented. Decisions have to be revisited because people who were not paying attention, later claim that they were not consulted.

Norms of behaviour change all the time. If no-one speaks up even though a change is inappropriate, it quickly becomes entrenched. Confronting inappropriate behaviour constructively involves a number of steps: describing the facts of the behaviour and its consequences, inviting others to share their views, proposing and obtaining commitment to a solution, then tracking and reviewing how behaviour changes and holding those who don’t change, to account; or agreeing on a compromise.

When problems are brushed under the carpet and issues are allowed to become un-discussable, nothing changes…except that people take whatever evasive action they can and quietly fume on the sidelines.

With a little competence and some courage you needn’t default to the EDIs.

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