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Stayin’ alive

For financial and other reasons, many people today are continuing to work into their late sixties and seventies. What is most interesting, and hardly surprising, is that better educated older people work longer, and earn more. It’s another version of the gap between the haves and the have-nots, but at least with this one you have some control over the side you land on.

Manage three aspects of your life and you can raise the odds that you will have a long and a satisfying one.

Live healthily. There’s almost nothing we don’t already know about health, exercise and nutrition. But obesity, substance abuse and stress levels continue unabated. Which aspects of your health could you start taking more care of?

Plan your career. Start with the best education you can get; then add to it. Continuing Professional Development isn’t a nice to do, it’s essential for your future. Don’t sit in a dead end job, no matter how well you’re paid. Change the job, ask for a transfer, or get out. You can’t afford to go brain dead. Own your career plan through to your sixties and beyond. It’s far too important to be left to your employer.

Manage your relationships. Couples used to celebrate 50 years of marriage; soon it could be 70 or more. If you’re living in mutual misery consider that the happiest couples are those who have learned how to argue without using criticism, defensiveness, or contempt and who don’t retreat into silence. Constructive arguing takes skill that almost anyone can learn. Is there something you could work on?

Stayin’ alive is a full-time job…so get to work.

In my coaching practice I help people change the behaviours that hold them back at work and in their personal relationships. If you’d like to talk, contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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