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Who's in charge

Intellectually you may believe that you’re in charge of your own destiny. In practice, what does your behaviour say?

For most of us our emotions exist on an on-off toggle. Often we choose to shut them down completely, afraid to express them because we’re scared of the damage we might do. Then, unable to hold onto our anger or frustration or misery any longer, we explode. Tears and tantrums follow… it’s not pretty.

Just as you control your actions, you also control your thoughts and feelings. It's part of the same internal discipline. How well do you do?

I would argue that your most precious personal resource is your time. Are you in charge of yours? Who manages your time at work? Can others block it out in your diary to the point that the 30 minutes you have free for yourself in the whole day can disappear into another meeting?

Have you learned to say no? Do you let people highjack your plans or your free time simply by asking you to do something for them instead? If you can’t say no, you’re allowing others to take control.

‘Incoming’, the military term for approaching fire, makes it an appropriate label for the barrage of text messages, mail, BBMs and social network alerts that come at us. Our Pavlovian response to these alerts now has its own acronym: FOMO, ‘fear of missing out’. When did you last turn everything off; out of sight and out of mind, so you could do some creative thinking – quietly - all on your own? 

You can gain control over your life with the choices that you make; unless of course you decide to be powerless. 

Who’s in charge in your life? Click here to assess how well you control your emotions.


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