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It’s getting more toxic

There’s more toxic behaviour than ever in corporate workplaces. You’ll be familiar with it.

  • People are unreliable. They flit between meetings, leaving trails of forgotten promises and incomplete projects in their wake.
  • The response to any feedback is defensive. Everyone’s on the edge so any feedback is taken to be criticism.
  • We’re all distracted, trying to attend to a dozen things at once, and giving precious little intelligent attention to any of them.
  • We exist in bubbles of our own importance, unaware of or uncaring that people find us inconsiderate and disrespectful.
  • We blame others more often than we take ownership and accountability for our actions.

The reasons aren’t hard to find. Everyone is working harder, longer, and under more pressure. Stress is high; fuses are short; tolerance of mistakes is low. It takes a lot of emotional intelligence to maintain a calm, rational and amiable face under such circumstances.

Your emotions exist in two phases: either you’re in control or they are. Emotional intelligence starts with awareness of your own emotional state so that you can manage and control it.  Then you need to become aware of the impact you have on others, so you can attend to your relationships.

It’s worth developing these skills. They  make the difference between people who are truly successful in their lives and those who are not. 

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