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What happened to delegating?

Is there anyone out there who is not waiting for someone to make a decision: someone who is probably in back-to-back meetings and drowning in e-mail?
Business is being strangled by the bottlenecks created by people who don’t delegate.
Delegating - remember the steps? Choose someone to delegate to. Know what you want and explain it clearly. Check they understand. Agree on the resources required, standards, mileposts and deadlines.  Then the scary part: get out of the way and let them get on with it – their way.
You need to trust the people you delegate to. If you don’t, you’ll worry too much, micro-manage and generally make a nuisance of yourself. Delegating involves letting people do things their own way, instead of insisting they do everything your way.  When delegating is successful, people don’t merely feel ownership of the work, they have ownership.
As business pressure increases however, delegating seems to be decreasing and work that requires any degree of decision-making competence is being pulled ever more tightly up the line. The pressure comes from the need for speed, to be right first time, the consequence of error and, ‘I haven’t time to delegate.’
Giving your work to someone else always sounds easier than it is in practice. If you have any tendencies toward being a control freak, obsessively detail-focused or over-invested emotionally in what you’re doing, then it’s hard to let go.
The reality is that you have no choice. The current pace of life is not sustainable.
For one of the best pieces of writing on delegation, go to Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey? - 22 Touch by W Oncken Jr - 1999

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