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Keep It Simple, Stupid

K.I.S.S. We all know the old acronym. Why then are so many people drowning in complexity and chaos?  The life you lead is the one you choose. Here are four tips for making choices that keep to the K.I.S.S. principle

Fix your focus

Decide what will make most impact on moving you in the direction you want to go. Focus on it, get it done. Then tackle the next step. If you make everything a priority, then you have no priorities. It’s now well known that multi-tasking merely produces poorer quality work that overall, takes longer.

Confirm commitment

Much of what we do requires input of some kind from others. Take time to get their commitment up front, check they have the skills to get the job done and agree on how obstacles will be handled. Commitment to plans pre-empts chaos.

Rules and routines

Too many rules can become restrictive, but when some ground rules and routines are agreed, work (and families) function more smoothly. Less time need be spent on repetitive decisions; everyone understands how things operate; life becomes simpler.

Clear the clutter

Your in-box has 900 mails; the file you need urgently is somewhere in the piles on your desk; the important phone number you put away safely is lost forever, and your car keys are missing again. When your life is physically cluttered, irritation and frustration are inevitable. Clear the clutter so you can clear your head.


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