Friday, 31 August 2012 11:27

STRAIGHT TALK conversations AT WORK that get results

Straight Talk provides a set of skills that helps you deal with any difficult conversation. Firstly, it helps you to find a solution or a change in behaviour that resolves the problem. Secondly, it does so in a way that helps you build better relationships with people you’re talking to.

If you use straight talk, you will soon be able to talk to almost anyone about almost anything. I say ‘almost’, because this is no magic potion. The first principal of straight talk is that you always choose your battles, and there will be some conversations with certain people that you will forever – quite rightly – choose to sidestep. Nevertheless, the more skilled you become at using the steps explained in the book, the more you will find that there are a few issues that you cannot put on the table safely and discuss constructively.

You will also find that a little straight talk goes a long way.

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