Friday, 28 March 2014 11:26

Just one thing

Life is complex and pressurized, every moment occupied by the need to respond to the incoming storm of requests and data. Multi-tasking is in: time to think is out.

I’m convinced that if we took time to think, we’d find it can be simpler: that there is often just one thing that can make all the difference, create the change, or drive the improvement we’re looking for.

Mostly, what we don’t need are more tools, technology or another set of policies and procedures. Rather we need to change how we behave, especially in the moments when careless words or inappropriate behaviours have the power to produce wonderful results or cascade us into failure.

The notion is not new. The 80/20 principle has been around since time began. We’re familiar with moments of truth, hot spots and key behaviours. We know that when we focus on them, they have an enormous leverage in solving problems and moving us toward success.

• What’s the one thing you must do to achieve your primary goal?
• What one thing that you can change, is holding you back in your career?
• What single behaviour could make most difference to your team’s effectiveness?
• What one thing can you do to improve your most important relationship?

Now you’ve got focus.

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