Monday, 17 February 2014 15:34

The Changing Experience of Our Clients

We recently asked a group of clients to consider how their efforts to create change, both at work and in their personal lives, become derailed. Their three main reasons are as follows.

The first is lack of really strong motivation from the outset. In organisations, the good business reasons for change and the consequences of not changing tend to be understood by some, often senior people, but not others. There isn’t enough work put in to create the same understanding and conviction amongst everyone else, especially the employees whose day to day behaviour is going to be most affected by the change.

When your motivation to change isn’t really strong, an initial burst of enthusiasm doesn’t last very long, especially when it’s faced with the hard work of real behaviour change. It’s the time you take out gym memberships or buy expensive bicycles. Organisations invest in extensive training programs and road show style communication exercises, none of which are followed through to the point of real behaviour change.

The second reason why change isn’t successful is to do with social influence. The influence of people around you is very strong; your peers, people you love and respect, people senior in your organisation. They can hold you back in old habits, or encourage and support you. You can seldom change your personal behaviour without help and you certainly can’t change an organisation on your own, even if you are the CEO.

Managing rewards and incentives, and the importance of changing the physical environment to make change easier, are the other factors that contribute to unsuccessful change programs.

Not surprisingly, the group felt that where they had been most successful in the change process was in identifying and learning new skills. This is the easy, visible part of changing behaviour. Applying the skill on the job or in your life doesn’t necessarily follow.

If you’re serious about changing behaviour, I’d like to talk to you. I offer personal coaching, in house training and public workshops.

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