There are many interesting observations and comments in this interview about the turnaround of Consumer Lifestyle sector of Philips, the Dutch technology group in response to harsh trading conditions and a lack of investment, but the phrase that stopped me in my tracks was this one about the role of an executive team. ‘…the top team—that handful of senior executives who provide the energy, inspiration, and vision for any enterprise.’ Recently I have seen top teams expend more energy politicking, competing with each other, arguing and back biting than I have seen them sending positive energy out into their organisations.
I love Lucy Kellaway’s fresh irreverent approach to serious issues and in this article I think she puts her finger on exactly what many of us feel about the latest version of the old generation gap. If you’re a new entrant to the working world you’ll probably agree with her description of your talents and cababilities. But if you’ve been around for a while you may not be so comfortable with her view that ‘Years of drudgery and late nights in the office have a way of taking the shine off any brilliance.’
This is an interesting article on Mashable about boring information included in many CVs.  If you want to make your CV stand out from the crowd these pointers are very helpful.
Survival depends on how well we change our behaviour to adapt and thrive as circumstances change. And they do change! We have to adapt to our always- on work culture, before both our productivity and our sanity are threatened. Leadership styles have to adapt to Generation X and Millennial employees. You risk alienating your children if you discipline them the way your parents disciplined you. If you value your health, eating fast foods on the run is not a good adaptation to a busy schedule. We’re not actually very good at changing behaviour. Most of us have a history of…
Life is complex and pressurized, every moment occupied by the need to respond to the incoming storm of requests and data. Multi-tasking is in: time to think is out. I’m convinced that if we took time to think, we’d find it can be simpler: that there is often just one thing that can make all the difference, create the change, or drive the improvement we’re looking for. Mostly, what we don’t need are more tools, technology or another set of policies and procedures. Rather we need to change how we behave, especially in the moments when careless words or inappropriate…
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