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Sunday, 26 August 2012 20:08

Do you Talk Straight?

When you don't speak up, you end up being polite instead of honest, your feedback is bland and your opinions are muted. Holding back on what you truly think and feel is essentially dishonest behaviour, but without some skill in holding sensitive conversations, many people choose not to speak up, rather than risk getting into an argument.

Use the ten items below for a quick assessment of whether you need to do more straight talking.

  1. You hold back on full and candid opinions when difficult or sensitive issues are being discussed.
  2. Rather than say what you really think, you use humour and sarcasm to get your point across.
  3. You tend to tell people what to do, rather than taking time to explore their opinions and ideas.
  4. You put up with incompetence and bad behaviour rather than confront it with critical feedback.
  5. You notice your emotions becoming stronger the longer you don't speak up.
  6. You keep quiet rather than give bad news or other unwelcome information to others who may react negatively.
  7. You choose to ignore behaviour you find offensive, rather than confront someone.
  8. You sometimes explode with anger or frustration when you have been unable to speak up.
  9. You get frustrated when you can't persuade people to change how they behave.
  10. There are people around you who drive you crazy with their aggressive or disrespectful behaviour.

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