Thursday, 30 August 2012 13:29

Review by Ian Mann, knowledge director, Gateways Business Consultants (Pty) Ltd

If you don't confront the difficult issues at work, your team's functioning could deteriorate, collegial relationships could sour, and if your staff do succeed, it will be sheer luck.

Few people enjoy initiating the difficult conversations required of a manager, mainly because so few people know how to have these conversations successfully.

Maureen Collins has written what must be one of the most accessible books on this subject. It has a narrative running through the book describing a year in the career of a new head of department and the issues he has to confront. The manager, Michael, confronts problems that practising managers will recognise. There is the young and ambitious Dan who thinks success comes before experience or hard work. There is Peter who didn't get Michael's job. There is the report that wasn't delivered on time, the meetings that don't start on time. The staff member who is lonely and depressed, the unwilling, sexual harassment and more.

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